Desktop applications are the beginning of software development. These application software could be run on a single machines only after installation. In most cases these application software could be used by single person only. Slowly intranet applications came into picture and multiple users could work in a network environment. This made desktop applications are more popular among businesses.
By the advent of web applications, a lot of people predicted doom for a desktop applications but they managed to survive. No one can ignore the advantages of desktop applications in tasks where speed is very important. Another place for the web applications cannot compete with desktop is security.
With such advantages several businesses still use and continue to build new desktop applications. We provide desktop application software development services for the needs of our clients.


These applications are a built on the .net platform and can be integrated with other software like web applications and other legacy systems using web services.We provide desktop software development and management services and other outsourced custom software development services for our clients. You can outsource desktop software application development & management work to our offshore development centre in India.