Attendance Software

Effective attendance management requires the ability to set policies aligned to the nature of your business and enforce them by encouraging employees for compliance. In addition, it also allows organizations to effectively manage outliers by moulding their behaviour.
It starts with the bigger picture of choosing a ‘scheme’ that works best for you. These schemes can be configured with a policy that contains a set of rules which you can choose to enforce. Various criteria can be set based on company policy and assigned to all or a select group of employees. This eradicates the manual effort of keeping tabs and calculating shortfalls for the entire company. In turn, the payroll that gets processed is highly accurate, taking into consideration potential LOP days and other such rules that might affect it.

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Attendance Report Provides You The Following Services:

  • Attendance Basic Report
  • Attendance Detail Report
  • Attendance Summary Report
  • Attendance Card
  • Attendance Resign Employee Report
  • Attendance Over Time Report
  • Attendance Late Going Report
  • Attendance Early Coming Report
  • Attendance Present Report
  • Attendance Leave Report
  • Attendance Absent Report
  • Attendance Missing Punc Report
  • Attendance Present Employee Report
  • Attendance Monthly Basic
  • Attendance Monthly Detail
  • Attendance Monthly Summary
  • Attendance Annual Report
  • Attendance Machine Punch Report